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We're a family that thrives outdoors, loves challenges and values simple solutions. SNUG BUD® grew from our

lived experience in the the cold.

We invented SNUG BUD® to stay comfy and warm while doing the things we love. It's time others enjoy the same privilege.


The simplest ideas are often the best ideas.


However, getting "simple" just right took us 3 years of intense research. Numerous prototypes were designed and tested in radically different environments.

So SNUG BUD® went fishing on the freezing banks of Alaskan rivers, skiing on the pristine slopes of Colorado, mountaineering at Everest base camp and proved a must-have while directing movies in -27 degree Celsius temperatures on a Siberian sports field.




Joni is the guy married to Wendy and the inventor of the SNUG BUD®.

He is a partner in an international company specializing in the manufacture of fly-fishing apparel

He also happens to be an internationally renowned TV commercials director and hard-core fly fisherman.

His experiences filming and fishing in remote, uncompromising cold climates provided the perfect environment for testing. Joni is pleased to say that SNUG BUD® is his favorite assistant film director.



Gabe is our son and a fan of wild-swimming waters. He swims everyday of the year in the freezing cold South Atlantic Ocean.

Gabe is a documentary film maker who spends his time filming exotic fly-fishing locations, gorillas and mountain community projects across the African and North American continents.

As is common in all father and son relationships, the competition to capture the best shot or the largest fish is an endless source of amusement for Wendy and Beanie. 

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SNUG BUD® was jointly developed by our daughter Beanie, an award-winning fashion designer. 

Beanie is a perfect design partner as she is also a devout backpacker and hot water bottle fan !

It was Beanie who took the 600 year old device, the hot water bottle, and ensured that it became fashionable enough to take out on a date.



Joni B is married to Wendy, the family's chief tree shaker !

In the beginning it was Wendy who had the girls over for dinner one winter evening and got them discussing what women really, really want.



They make an incredible team and have worked together on many exciting projects over the years. 

Wendy's production skills keep everything constantly evolving. She is also responsible for providing vital direction for the on-going development of the SNUG BUD® brand.

They are, in fact, the real life embodiment of Bob and Helen Parr (aka "Mr Incredible" and "Elastigirl") from the Pixar movie "The Incredibles" !

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