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The simplest ideas are often the best ideas.


However, getting "simple" just right took us 3 years of intense research. Numerous prototypes were designed and tested in radically different environments - Wendy did say anywhere, right ?

So SNUG BUD® went fishing on the freezing banks of Alaskan rivers, skiing on the pristine slopes of Colorado, mountaineering at Everest base camp and proved a must-have while directing movies in -27 degree Celsius temperatures on a Russian sports field.

Equally important, SNUG BUD® is perfect for lying back on the couch with a steaming mug of coffee and a good book or just chilling while watching a movie on TV.

This wearable body warmer, available in two sizes (Classic for adults and Junior for Kids and petite adults) also comes with a hand-warming sleeve and a pocket for your mobile phone, which makes SNUG BUD ® the coolest way to stay warm.

SNUG BUD® is super eco-friendly, safe to use and provides long-lasting warmth anywhere, anytime.




Joni is the guy married to Wendy and the inventor of the SNUG BUD®.

He is a partner in an international company specializing in the manufacture of fly-fishing apparel and ballistic body armour. 

He also happens to be an internationally renowned TV commercials director and hard-core fly fisherman.



Nivvy swims every day of the year in the freezing cold South Atlantic Ocean.

He comes from a successful apparel manufacturing business. 

He is in charge of production, quality control and auditing. From sourcing to packing, it is his job to ensure that the SNUG BUD® you're wearing keeps all our promises.



Cheryl is our SNUG BUD® marketing strategist extraordinaire.

Not only does Cheryl have to look after Joni and Nivvy, but she is also responsible for her 3 beautiful kids and her

husband, Wayne.

Cheryl is an adventurer and explorer at heart. She loves being in the outdoors and you will find her hiking in nature whenever she has the opportunity.

She also plays a mean game of tennis - but don't be deceived - when required, she slips into a "little black number" and transforms herself into a formidable social influencer.


Resist her at your peril !



Duncan is married to Holly, they have two children.

Holly, previously a fashion model, has worked in the television and music industries, and Duncan was a professional footballer in his youth. They make an incredible team and have worked together on many exciting projects for the past eighteen years. 

They are overseeing European distribution, product development and product placement for SNUG BUD®. The team is also responsible for providing vital direction for the on-going development of the SNUG BUD® brand.

They are, in fact, the real life embodiment of Bob and Helen Parr (aka "Mr Incredible" and "Elastigirl") from the Pixar movie "The Incredibles" !